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Kayaba Shock Tools and Supplies (DVD: SYZ25001D)
Note: If we provide a place to purchase the parts/supplies it does not imply that it is the best place. It’s just a place we know of that sells the parts/supplies.

Safety glasses
Rubber gloves
Service Manual
Metric wrenches
Metric socket set
Basic Tools (screwdrivers, pliers…)
Soft ‘V’ jaws and cartridge holder from
Bench grinder, belt sander or file
Access to nitrogen with a schrader valve fitting
Shims (if desired)
Different Valve (piston) (if desired)
Zip Tie or wire
Shock Seal
Bullet tool ( or
Shock Oil
Seal and o-ring grease
Blue loctite
Oil catch pan
5 gal Bucket or solvent tank
Clean rinse water
Small nylon Scrub brush
2 Cans of Brake Cleaner or contact cleaner

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