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Customer Feedback

Comments - A
Dear motopowervideo, The shop that would do it said it would be at least $160 in labor alone and they wouldn't even be able to get to it until the end of next week. I have three of your videos (KTM valve adjust, Ktm fork, and KTM top end) and I can't tell you how much money they saved me! I like the step by step and the zoom-in on the smaller parts. The videos show every part of what could otherwise be a confusing job. Take care, Steve

Comments - B
Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the great videos. I just (successfully) did the top end on my KTM 200 and installed a steering damper. I just followed your video a chapter at a time and things worked perfect. Great job guys! Adam

Comments - C
Looks like you've got most of the maintenance stuff covered. I'll be ordering the suspension & Top End videos soon. Great Stuff

Comments - D
From Danielmotorx: I'll be buying more! They're great, very knowledgeable. I'm tired of calling the local dealerships with simple questions and always get the same answers: “I'll need to look at it first” , “you can make an appointment”. No I don't think so, not at $95.00 an hour labor rate! Where I live dirt bikes are looked down on, the dealership wants to service the touring bikes and the crotch rockets. They put dirt bikes on the backburner. They will, on purpose, keep your bike longer than necessary, and when you do get it back, it’s done half ass. You can do three things: go out of state, do it yourself, or let the bike sit until you have the money to get it fixed. That’s the way things are done around here. The closest good suspension shops are in Shelby, N.C. at Watt Perfection Race shop for dirt bikes. The other one, Chad Watts shop, is in Blountville, TN. Another is called Liz’s Racing, it's also an hour and half away. So I am thankful for all of your DVD's. Thank you!

Comments - E
From mhainc3: - KTM Maintenance DVD excellent item. Fast delivery. recommend. From boomertree: - Motorcycle Bike Maintenance Repair DVD Fast shipper!!! From brad9s - KTM Valve Adjust Very nice thanks From dirtimus - Keihin Carb Carburetor DVD. As promised & fast shipping!!!! From gl31357: Suzuki Maintenance DVD easy transaction From kristap8: - KTM Valve Adjust DVD easy transaction From kristap8: - KTM Carburetor DVD very good

Comments - F
From psa(51): - Honda Valve Adjust DVD very happy, thanks. great seller and great item! From kayne1992: - Honda Valve Adjust perfect Just what I was hoping for. I wish they had one for transmissions. From codras12 Honda Carburetor DVD good seller I recommend you. KTM Maintenance DVD supper fast shipping From moto261 - Kawasaki Suzuki Valve Adjust DVD Excellent Product, Quick Delivery, Thanks motopowervideo! From arcaneboy: - KTM Valve SXF XCF Valve Adjust DVD Great seller A+ sport-1002 - Honda Valve Adjust DVD excellent DVD

Comments - G
From sport-1002 - Honda Valve Adjust DVD excellent DVD From rokey199 - KTM Valve Adjust DVD Great ebayer, would use again thanks. From justin874288 - KTM Valve Adjust DVD Nice item fast shipping. From Bbdirtbiker - KTM Carburetor DVD Worked like a charm. From catari456 - KTM Fork Maintenance DVD Quick delivery from US to UK. Excellent seller. From jonboy9999 - Shane Watts Dirt Wise motorcycle DVD Video Smooth transaction. Good product. richardr9021 - Shane Watts Dirt Wise motorcycle DVD Video. Video as expected. Good product, fast delivery ktm-riderz - KTM Top End DVD

New DVDs!

ATV/Quad Basic Maintenance DVD
April, 22 2008: An amazingly comprehensive NEW DVD! This is a MUST-HAVE DVD for ANYONE who wants to save money keeping their ATV or Quad in top shape.

Swing Arm DVD
March 1, 2008: This DVD covers an often overlooked area of maintenance, the swing arm. In addition to this maintenance, we provide a bonus option covering how to apply graphics.

Yamaha Two Stroke Top End DVD
March 1, 2008: Now available for the YZ125! A great addition to your library.

Honda Two Stroke DVD
February 22, 2008: One of the most requested DVDs. It currently covers 02-04 CR250 and CR125 models.

Small bore two stroke top end DVD
February 22, 2008: After many requests, the small bore two stroke is available! This DVD covers nearly all small two strokes.

Yamaha Top End DVD
August 10, 2007: Covering WR and YZ bikes, we now have a new Top End DVD! It's been one of our most requested DVD's and will be of great help!

Kayaba Shock DVD
April 6, 2007: Covering many popular bikes, we now have a Kayaba Shock DVD! It's a fantastic addition that should help anyone, experienced or novice.

Kayaba 48U Fork DVD
March 29, 2007: For the latest Kawasaki KX-F and Yamaha YZ and YZ-F models using Kayaba forks, this is the most recent addition to our library! Provides easy to follow, step by step instructions for some of the newest models.

March 17, 2007: For KTM 2007 SX and SXF bikes, this is the latest fork addition to our library! Provides easy to follow, step by step instructions on your KTM WP Forks.

Bike Setup DVD
January 31,2007: For new and experienced riders, this comprehensive DVD covers all the things you need to know to set up your bike!

KTM SXF and XCF Valve Adjust DVD
January 31, 2007: This DVD covers these great new bikes by KTM! We had many requests in 2006 for this DVD and we are happy to have it availbe to you now. Thanks to everyone who asked and for supporting our comprehensive DVD library!

Shane Watts Common Ground
December 11, 2006: Shane Watts Second great video! Follow Shane and other World Class riders through exciting riding trips all over the world!

Replace Clutch, Install Z-start and Hand Brake
October 23, 2006. A brand new DVD describing how to replace regular clutches and install auto-clutches. A great addition to your bike and DVD library to save you time and money!

Kawasaki and Suzuki Valve Adjust DVD
October 23, 2006. The latest DVD to cover the latest Kawasaki and Suzuki four strokes! Like all our DVD's, instructions are clear, easy to follow and great for the new or experienced.

Honda Kayaba 41C Fork
August 7, 2006. The latest DVD to cover one of the most popular bikes out there! Like all our DVD's, instructions are clear, easy to follow and great for the new or experienced.

Showa 49C Fork DVD
July 31, 2006: Now owners of Suzuki and Kawasaki motorcycles with Showa 49C forks have a great DVD to show them step by step how to rebuild and maintain their forks.

Updated Honda Valve Adjust
June 21, 2006: One of our best selling DVD's has been updated to include ALL Honda CRF and XR models!

Suzuki Valve Adjust DVD
June 3, 2006. Our most recent update to valve adjusts! It covers the DRZ line of Suzuki bikes and is a great addition to our video library!

Motorcycle Basic Maintenance
May 27, 2006: The first of a series.. this DVD walks you through the most common types of Motorcycle Basic Maintenance. Just what you need to keep your bike running great!

Honda Top End DVD
May 6, 2006. Many customers had requested this DVD and with lots or hard work it is now available!

2 and 4 Stroke Carburetor DVD
In January 2006 we released a great video for all 2 and 4 stroke motorcycles and atv's! It's been a great hit with many new customers.

KTM and Husaberg Shock DVD
December 2005. Another great addition to your DVD library! Provides easy to follow, step by step instructions on your KTM or Husaberg Shock.

Anyone purchasing on eBay!

Fraudulent eBay sellers
Date: 2/8/06. We have a great eBay motopower store. However, eBay buyers please beware. Some of our DVD’s are being pirated on eBay. The seller is making copies that are defective and violate copyright laws. We’ve received complaints from his customers saying that he will not refund their money. If you’ve bought fraudulent DVD’s, we’d love to hear about it as we are in legal discussions with eBay to stop the pirating. Please contact the webmaster using the "Contact Us" on our website. Authorized sellers of our DVDs are listed below. 5/6/06: The issue has been resolved as best we can. The list below indicates authorized locations to purchase our DVDs. Thank you all for your support!

Authorized Sellers of Motopower Video DVDs

Motopower Video Productions LLC
Home for the best motorcycle and ATV maintenance DVDs!

Motopower Video eBay Store
Motopower Video Productions brings you the flexibility of eBay anywhere in the world!

Great products and discussion groups, thumpertalk provides on-line access to thousands of products!

CRF's only
A great resource for Honda CRF motorcycles! We're proud to have CRF's a strong part of our team.

Short Block Charlies
Taking Harley Davidson performance to a new level! Charlie has been working in the industry for decades and we're proud to have part of our team.

Cycle Gear Stores
Cycle Gear sells our DVDs direct in their stores. Locate one nearest you and get the best instructional videos while you pick up anything you need to get riding today!

Customflix (Harley DVD )

Customflix (Carburetor DVD)

Customflix (Basic Maintenance DVD)

Customflix (Clutch Maintenance DVD)

Amazon.com (Harley DVD )

Amazon (Carburetor DVD)

Amazon (Basic Mainenance I DVD)

Amazon: (Clutch Maintenance DVD)

Discussion Forums and Suppliers

Thumper Talk
Discussion forum for 4-stroke enthusiasts.

KTM Talk
Discussion forum for KTM owners.

Parts and accessories supplier

CRF's only
Parts and supplies for Honda CRF motorcycles

Shane Watts Official Web Site

4 Strokes
4 stroke resource: Forums, contests, maps and much more.

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